Jettbird is live!



Jettbird is live!


I know what you are thinking.

"Why does the world need another website, let alone another blog!"

It doesn't!

Now that is out of the way, let me start by saying hi, I'm Chris and I want to help you. I ask nothing in return but I guess that is not true since I am technically asking for your attention. Anyway!

So what is the purpose of Jettbird and how did I even get the name?

The purpose or the why as I am going to call it, is to help you first and foremost. I don't want to post stupid things that will waste your time and energy and not even work. Will I be posting things you may know already, probably, maybe?

One of the things I am committed to is only posting that have info that are tried and true. What does that mean? Well for one, if you looking for get rich posts, not going to happen. If you are looking for "HOW TO CRUSH AT THE STOCK MARKET", again nope. Why? Because those are clickbait and honestly, to make any money in the market, you first need money. I know, I've tried it (I'll do a post about that!)

What I will be posting is stuff that true, real stories, and not gloom and doom that the normal media promotes.

As you saw on the main page, there are many topics. Some of them will have more post than others. Do send me an email ( though if you find anything that is good news, positive, something you found to work well.

I will try not to make these posts boring and since I'm not being paid to write by the word, not lengthy either.

I want this site to be a community, for everyone to share in their knowledge, to help each other and to bring a sense of community... in a way the internet of the 90's.

Now where did the name come from?

I wish I could tell you it was from some silly saying or story but I can't. Jett was my beloved cat who passed in December of 2023 from kidney failure. The bird is for my dad, Allan, who passed in June of 2023. His favorite band was the Beatles and our last name is Black. The song Blackbird was fitting for his passing for he suffered from mental illness and health issues for most of his life.

Thus the name Jettbird!

They both taught me much both knowledge and joy, and they would want me to share that.

Until next time my friends.

  • Chris

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